With its motto “Life in all its fullness”, HELP International School, Kuala Lumpur, offers a truly global education experience,
integrating Eastern and Western educational philosophies, with an international team of experienced teachers, and a beautiful new green campus.

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Help International School


HELP International School(HIS)是精英教育集团(HELP Education Group)打造的一所全龄段的国际学校。学校位于吉隆坡市中心,拥有世界一流设施,在校学生超过1200名,是马来西亚发展最快的国际学校之一。HELP International School(HIS)开设A-Level国际课程,有超过150名来自世界各地的资深教师,100%外教授课。学生毕业后获得全球广泛认可的教育文凭,让学与世界顶尖大学接轨。


●  超过1,200名学生
●  超过150来自世界各地的资深教师
●  世界一流的设施位于距离吉隆坡市中心仅30分钟路程的专用校园内
●  整体和全方位的教育模式,结合最好的西方和东方的价值观
●  有HELP Unversity教育学院和行为科学学院及其世界知名心理学系支持的研究型教育计划

●  领导:通过榜样和道德目的发展领导和参与全球问题的能力,对自我和他人产生积极和磁性的影响。
●  创造:通过探究心灵培养思考,分享,适应和创新表达的能力。
●  体格:营造健康,积极的生活方式,包括均衡饮食,定期锻炼和对运动的热情。
●  社交:培养有效沟通,协作和积极关系的技能,同时拥抱多样性。
●  职业:培养对有意义的人才,兴趣和人生目标的适应力。
●  品格:培养强烈的个人和社区价值观,包括同情和正直,同时尊重各种传统,信仰和意识观念。

HIS aims to be a school that helps your child celebrate “Life in All Its Fullness”

The school motto translates from Latin as “Life in All Its Fullness”. It reflects our mission to help students succeed in life and live a life of significance. This means enjoying a FULL school life which will prepare them to live FULL and significant lives as adults.
In the past 30 years, the HELP Education Group has helped students attain success and meaning in life by providing them a world-class education. Hundreds of our graduates have secured scholarships at world-class universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Chicago, UCLA, University College London, Imperial College (London), London School of Economics, Nottingham UK and the Australian National University.
HELP International School (HIS) continues this fine tradition of excellence and has quickly established itself as one of the fastest growing international schools in Malaysia with:

●  Over 1,200 studentsl
●  Over 150 experienced teachers from all over the world
●  World-class facilities in a purpose-built campus just 30 minutes from the KL city centrel
●  A holistic and all-rounded education model combining the best of Western and Eastern values
●  A research-led education programme supported by HELP Unversity’s Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Behavioural Science with its world-renowned Psychology Department

Principal's Message

“At HELP International School, we have a dynamic combination of the best traditions of British education and the strong family and community ethos that are so important here in the East.
Our mission is to “help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education”. Our motto, “Vita ad Plenitudinem”, translated as “Life in all its Fullness” is all about engaging with the possibilities, developing relationships, building character and learning to meet challenges, both as individuals and as members of a thriving and vital community.
Our core values reflect a desire to prepare students for a fulfilling life in this fast evolving world. In the same spirit that we look to the past for the leadership which inspires our class names, we aspire to nurture leaders for the future – a generation of internationally minded and technologically aware global citizens who retain the core values of our community.
We have brought together a team of dedicated teachers and administrators whose professionalism and commitment to our educational values is one of our true strengths. We continue to draw in talented educators from all around the world and we are dedicated to ensuring that their professional development continues and that they grow with us. I invite you to join us and become part of a dynamic community.”

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